Litigation Services For
All Vehicles and Equipment Types

Services Available:

  • Case review and research
  • Written reports
  • Assistance in case preparation
  • Expert Witness at depositions, arbitration and court
  • Vehicle / component dismantling, teardown and disassembly for forensic inspection and failure analysis


  • Commercial Vehicle Expert Consultant & Witness.
  • Commercial Vehicle Accident Investigation.
  • HAZ-MAT and other specialty operations and vehicles requiring license endorsements
  • Investigation into vehicle, component and product failures.
  • Driver compliance with DOT, OSHA and other regulatory requirements.
  • Vehicle and fleet safety regulatory compliance and standards.
  • Vehicle and fleet maintenance practices and standards
  • Repair & maintenance of attachments & accessories
  • Lighting and Conspicuity
  • Trucks, Buses, Trains, Forklift and Specialty lifting machines, Heavy Equipment such as Bull Dozers, loaders, Compactors, Quarry Equipment
  • Management of accident repairs.
  • Estimation of repair, towing & accident costs


  • Multiple cases involving commercial vehicle accidents, component failures and non-compliance with regulations.
  • 35 years of industry experience in the operation of a large municipal fleet of 6,500 vehicles and 70 locations.
  • Plaintiff/Defense/Insurance 1/3 - 1/3 - 1/3


  • Associates are chosen on a most qualified basis for each particular assignment. Individual qualifications (resumes) shall be supplied upon request once information about the task is known.
nationwide commercial vehicle consultants


  • All of our services are available NATIONWIDE

Fees & References:

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