Audits, Inspections and Analysis of Muncipal Government - Vehicle/ Fleets

Audits, Inspections and Analysis

  • Audits of DPW/Street & Highway repair shops
  • Audits of DPW/Street & Highway repair shop management
  • Audits of Repair shop computer system or records and files
  • Audit of current preventive maintenance programs and schedules
  • Review of parts storage, purchasing, inventory levels and controls
  • Warranty programs review
  • Inspection of current fueling systems and equipment. Advice on installation of tanks and all related equipment
  • Inspection and audits of all DPW/Street & Highway facilities
  • Inspection of fire equipment and facilities
  • Review of tire programs, storage and replacement cycles, recapping programs.
  • Development of shop and repair procedure manuals
  • Inspection of entire municipal fleets and report on vehicle general mechanical condition, major repairs needed, projected life expectancy.
  • Review all vehicle specifications, specification development and research for all specialized and standard municipal vehicles
  • Recruiting and training of all personnel related to municipal vehicle fleet management, repair, parts, warranty, etc.
  • Disposal programs for excess or obsolete vehicles


  • Inspection of repair shops with a complete overview on the repair and maintenance of the vehicle fleet including:

- The Quality Of Current Preventive Maintenance And Scheduling
- The Quality Of Repairs
- Organization And Efficiency Of Repair Shop
- Overview Of Tools, To Include Condition, Changes And Future Needs
- Paper Flow, Driver, Shop, Repair And Files  

  • Analysis of repair shop management and mechanics for qualifications, abilities and training. Recommendations on current and future staffing.
  • Thorough review of parts inventories, storage, purchasing controls and discounts programs.
  • Complete overview of tires in-use, inventory levels, repair programs, recapping and replacement cycles.
  • Review of warranty programs.
  • Evaluation of existing space and recommendations on future expansion and use of space.
  • Analysis of fleet size by departments and recommendations on needed reductions or additions.
  • Recommendations on which vehicles could be leased, rented or shared with other municipalities.
  • Recommendations on the benefits of computerized DPW vehicle fleet maintenance.
  • Report on which items of vehicle repair should be outsourced.
  • Report if part or all of the vehicle maintenance should be outsourced (privatized).
  • Inspection of the vehicle fleet to include:

- General Mechanical Condition
- Major Repair Cost
- Potential Life Expectancy

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