Specifications Development

Commercial Vehicle Consultants has over 30 years of experience in the operation of a large north eastern municipal fleet of 6500 vehicles and 70 locations and specific experience in governmental procurement, specification development, contract management, negotiations skills, R&D, fleet maintenance operations

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  • All types of purchases large and small
  • All types of purchase contracts
  • All types of vehicles light, medium, heavy duty, on and off road
  • All types of Special Purpose Vehicles
  • All types of Equipment and attachments

Commercial Vehicle Consultants has served as Expert Witness in numerous cases involving vehicle specifications, product or component failures, after-market vehicle attachments and the standards and legal repair/maintenance of all types of vehicles.

Services Available:

  • Market research for potential bidders and for acceptable equipment / vehicles
  • Needs analysis interviews with operators and repair personnel
  • Written reports on findings
  • Development of specifications both, general or customized
  • Assistance in bid preparation, pre bid meetings, plans meetings
  • Pilot vehicle (factory) inspection
  • Assistance in the acceptance process


Associates are chosen on a most qualified basis for each particular assignment. Individual qualifications (resumes) shall be supplied upon request once information about the task is known.

Fees & References:

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